RBL Bank Mitra

RBL Bank Mitra

RBL Bank Mitra, also known as the RBL Bank Business Correspondent (BC) model, is a unique service offered by RBL Bank that allows individuals and small businesses to provide basic banking services in their locality and earn a commission for the same.

RBL Bank Mitra agents act as a bridge between the bank and the customers in remote and rural areas where the bank may not have a physical presence. This service has been designed to cater to the unbanked and under-banked population of the country, providing them with easy access to banking services.

RBL Bank Mitra model

Here are some key features and benefits of the RBL Bank Mitra model:

  1. Easy registration process: The registration process for becoming an RBL Bank Mitra agent is simple and hassle-free. Interested individuals can apply online or visit the nearest RBL Bank branch to apply for the program.
  2. Basic infrastructure: To become an RBL Bank Mitra agent, you only need basic infrastructure such as a computer, printer, and internet connection. The bank provides the necessary software and training required to offer banking services.
  3. Commission-based model: RBL Bank Mitra agents earn a commission for every banking transaction they carry out on behalf of the bank. The commission rates vary depending on the services provided and the volume of transactions.
  4. Range of services: RBL Bank Mitra agents can offer a range of services such as account opening, cash deposit and withdrawal, fund transfer, balance inquiry, and other basic banking transactions.
  5. Financial inclusion: The RBL Bank Mitra model is aimed at promoting financial inclusion and providing banking services to the unbanked and under-banked population of the country. It also helps in reducing the burden on the existing bank branches by providing banking services in remote and rural areas.
  6. Technology-driven: The RBL Bank Mitra model is technology-driven, with the use of mobile and internet-based platforms for carrying out banking transactions. This makes the process faster and more efficient, reducing the turnaround time for banking transactions.

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The RBL Bank Mitra model is an innovative and inclusive approach to providing banking services in remote and rural areas of the country. With its easy registration process, basic infrastructure requirements, and commission-based model, it provides a great opportunity for individuals and small businesses to earn a livelihood while promoting financial inclusion.

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