What is UPI lite NPCI?

By Nandesh

What is UPI lite NPCI NPCI: A Simplified Payment Solution

What is UPI lite NPCI? : In India, Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has transformed the way we conduct digital transactions. It has made sending and receiving money fast, convenient, and secure. As UPI continues to evolve, new features and variants have emerged to cater to diverse user needs. One such variant is UPI Lite. In this article, we’ll delve into what UPI Lite is and how it simplifies the payment experience for users.

Understanding UPI Lite:

UPI Lite refers to a streamlined version of the UPI interface, designed to provide a simplified and user-friendly payment experience. It offers a lighter and more accessible version of UPI without PIN code. During periods when a bank’s UPI server is experiencing technical difficulties or maintenance, it may impact the functionality and availability of UPI transactions. In such cases, UPI Lite Transactions may not be affected, and you can continue using UPI Lite Service.

UPI Lite Enabled Apps –

  1. Paytm (Rs. 100 cashback on Activation – Limited Period offer)
  2. Phonepe

Features of UPI Lite:

  1. Simple Interface: UPI Lite has a minimalist user interface, focusing on essential payment functionalities. It removes any unnecessary features or complex options, ensuring a straightforward experience for users.
  2. Low Data Usage: One of the key advantages of UPI Lite is its efficient data usage. It minimizes the amount of data required for transactions, making it suitable for users with limited internet connectivity or low data plans.
  3. Enhanced Compatibility: UPI Lite is designed to be compatible with a wide range of smartphones, including entry-level devices. It ensures that users with basic smartphones can still enjoy the benefits of UPI and engage in digital payments seamlessly.
  4. Quick and Secure Transactions: UPI Lite maintains the core principles of UPI, offering fast and secure transactions. Users can initiate payments, make bill payments, check transaction history, and more, without compromising on security or speed.

UPI Lite : Limit

  • The maximum UPI Lite transaction limit is Rs 200.
  • The UPI Lite app has a maximum balance limit of Rs 2000 at any given time.
  • A maximum of Rs 2000 can be added to the UPI Lite account twice daily.
  • This allows for a cumulative transaction limit of Rs 4000 in a day.
  • Users can make multiple transactions within the maximum UPI Lite transaction limit.

Benefits of UPI Lite:

  • Less Clutter on Bank Passbook – When small-value transactions, which are frequent and high-volume, will be made using UPI Lite, there will be fewer transaction details on the bank Passbook. It will comprise only the major and top-up transactions done using UPI Lite. Hence, users can have a relatively clean and decluttered Passbook. 
  • Easy Small Value Transactions – This advantage of UPI Lite will cater to the daily transactional requirements of the common people. Small purchases ranging from Re 1 to Rs 200 that are a part of daily routine will become faster and more convenient.
  • No Cap on Number of Transactions – There is no cap on the number of transactions a user can make using UPI Lite. Since there is no restriction on the number of transactions, given the cumulative daily amount, a user can make multiple payments of a low amount. 
  • Use Without PIN – With UPI Lite, users are not required to enter a 4 or 6-digit PIN like they would with other payment methods such as debit or credit cards, or net banking.  This means that for small, regular transactions, users can avoid the hassle of entering a PIN.


UPI Lite serves as an inclusive and simplified payment solution within the UPI ecosystem, catering to users with basic smartphones and limited internet connectivity. By removing unnecessary complexities and optimizing data usage, UPI Lite enables a wider audience to experience the benefits of digital transactions. With its accessible interface and secure transactions, UPI Lite contributes to financial inclusion and empowers individuals and businesses across the country. As UPI continues to evolve, innovations like UPI Lite ensure that digital payments are accessible to all, fostering a digital economy that is truly for everyone.

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