Flipkart Delivery Franchise

Flipkart Delivery Franchise

For people who are interested in logistics and delivery companies and want information about these companies so that they can invest in them, become a franchisee and reap huge benefits, this is the right place. This article will talk about the Flipkart delivery point franchise and will tell the readers as to how to apply for a delivery franchise for Flipkart and what all is required to become a Flipkart logistics partner. The article will also help you in making a decision as to why you should invest in the Flipkart courier franchise.

Today, the world is moving very fast. Everybody is in a rush nowadays. People are so busy with their work and their personal lives, that they do not even have time to eat, drink or even think. When this happens, time becomes more valuable than money. And in such a fast paced environment in the world, the people that are valuable are those who can help other people in saving time. One such category of people who help others in saving time is those who run delivery and courier companies and deliver goods and products at people’s doorsteps. People place their orders on e-commerce websites on the internet and these e-commerce companies take the help of the delivery and logistics companies to deliver these goods to the public as early as possible.

One company that stands out from the others in the delivery and logistics business is Flipkart. Flipkart is one of the biggest names in the e-commerce sector in India. The company has its own logistics and delivery service called Ekart that transports goods and products from one place to another and delivers these products to people living in various different parts of the country.

About the Flipkart

Flipkart Private Limited is an Indian company that deals in the sector of e-commerce. The company was started in the year 2007 and has its headquarters in the city of Bangalore in Karnataka. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the two people who founded the company. Both of them were pass-outs from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and were former employees of Amazon. In the beginning years, the main focus of the company was on selling books but with time, things changed and Flipkart decided to expand and started selling other categories of products such as electronics, fashion, lifestyle products, groceries, and home essentials.

The main rivals of the company are Snapdeal and Amazon. As of March 2017, the market share that Flipkart has in the Indian e-commerce sector is around 39.5 percent. PhonePe, a mobile payments service is also owned by Flipkart. In August 2018, Flipkart was acquired by the US retail giant Walmart for a 77 percent controlling stake of the business. This share of the company was bought by Walmart for 16 billion US dollars.

Flipkart has a subsidiary company named Ekart logistics that the company purchased from WS Retail Services. Flipkart uses the subsidiary company to deliver the products that are available on the website to the consumers.

How to Get Flipkart Franchise?

There are a lot of benefits associated with investing in a logistics and delivery company like Flipkart Delivery and becoming the owner of a Flipkart franchise for delivery. The brand value that Flipkart brings to the table is a huge bonus for the franchisee. It can help him or her a lot in getting more business and also help in generating the sales and total revenue of the store. An investor does not have to put up a large amount of money to become the owner of a Flipkart delivery agency franchise. A minimum security deposit is enough for an investor to start things up.

The latest technology is used in the franchise stores of Flipkart to maintain the records among various other things. This results in increased convenience for the franchisee as well as the customers. The owner of a Flipkart delivery point franchise also has to go through a training program that is organized by the company itself. This is done so that the franchisee can learn how the delivery and logistics business works. He or she will also become more aware of his or her duties as a franchisee and will be better equipped to successfully run the store. There are certain things that a person should know about before applying for a franchise for a company. The same is the case with the Flipkart Delivery center franchise.

Below is a list of things that an individual who is looking to own a delivery franchise of Flipkart should be aware of:

  • The first and arguably the most important thing that a person should be aware of if he or she is looking to become the owner of a Flipkart parcel delivery franchise is that Flipkart does not entertain any franchise applications from the public. So, there is no Flipkart courier franchise application form that an individual can fill and submit to be considered for the franchise opportunity.

  • Flipkart is quite secretive when it comes to giving out franchises. The company does not share details as to what are the requirements that an individual should meet in order to be eligible to become the owner of a Flipkart store franchise.

  • But there is still hope for people who are looking to acquire a delivery franchise of Flipkart. People can download a Flipkart Franchise Approval Guide that is available on the internet.

  • This guide can help them in figuring out all the hurdles that a person has to overcome in order to own a Flipkart delivery agency franchise. This gives a chance to people to break through the barriers and get in touch with the staff of Flipkart to have a discussion about the franchise business.

Flipkart Franchise Cost

The one important factor that every investor takes into consideration while making a decision as to whether he or she should in a company or not. It is the same in the case of the Flipkart delivery point franchise. Around 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees are required as an initial investment by the investor in order to own a logistics franchise of Flipkart. The cost of investment can vary depending on the location of the store.

Flipkart Franchise Profit

There is no official statistic on the internet that can highlight the profitability of the Flipkart courier franchise. But the fact that Flipkart is one of the biggest names in the e-commerce sector with a market share of around 40 percent should be enough indication for an investor that it is a good idea to invest in the company and become the owner of a delivery franchise of Flipkart.

Flipkart Franchise Requirements

As is the case with any other franchise, there are certain requirements that an individual has to fulfill in order to become the owner of a Flipkart parcel delivery franchise. The first requirement is regarding the area or outlet space required to set up the store. The area should be enough to accommodate the equipment and should also allow the workers to roam around freely in the course of their duties. An area of 400 to 700 square feet is considered to be sufficient to set up a Flipkart delivery center franchise.

The other requirement is regarding the equipment that is needed to run the franchise store. The owner of the franchise store needs to arrange for things like printers, shipment labels, computers, barcode scanners, etc. to ensure that the store is working smoothly.

Contact Details

If an individual has any queries and wants to get in touch with the support staff of Flipkart to get his or her queries answered, he or she can make use of the following information:

Head Office Address Flipkart Internet Private Limited,
Vaishnavi Summit, Ground Floor,
7th Main, 80 Feet Road, 3rd Block,
Koramangala, Bengaluru – 560034
Flipkart Franchise Contact Number 1800 208 9898
CIN U51109KA2012PTC066107

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