CSC Whatsapp Group

CSC Whatsapp Group

CSC Whatsapp Group : WhatsApp groups can include up to 256 members. Whatsapp can help you to share important updates about CSC . These CSC WhatsApp Groups are based Comminity based support, means one VLE can help other VLEs. This can lead to greater productivity with internal communication with everyone is kept well-informed and updated.

Group communication can drive connectivity and allow for interaction at all levels, which in turn will enable the creation/development of positive relationships between VLEs.

In this article, we have shared State Wise WhatsApp Group Invite links for CSC VLEs.

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CSC Whatsapp Group Uttar Pradesh

CSC Whatsapp Group Link Assam

CSC Whatsapp Group Link Karnataka

CSC Whatsapp Group Link Madhya Pradesh

CSC Whatsapp Group Link Chhattisgarh

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CSC Whatsapp Group Bihar

CSC Whatsapp Group West Bengal

CSC Whatsapp Group Link Odisha


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