What is SuperCash in MobiKwik App?

MobiKwik is a Payment App that helps people save money when they buy things like recharge and bill payments. I have been using this app for a very long time, about 10 years! During this time, I’ve used the app to do many different things, like recharging my phone and getting a loan.

Over the years, I’ve seen MobiKwik change and get better and better. In 2017, they started a new thing called “SuperCash.” SuperCash is a reward that you can earn when you use the app to buy things. It’s like getting a little bit of money back when you spend money!

In this blog post, we’re going to learn all about SuperCash and how it can help you save money too. We’ll explore what SuperCash is, how you can earn it, and how you can use it to get discounts on the things you buy. Get ready to learn how to save money with SuperCash!

What is SuperCash?

SuperCash is like a special gift you get from MobiKwik when you do transactions. It’s a way to save money for sure!

When you use MobiKwik to buy stuff and you have a special offer, you earn SuperCash. This SuperCash stored into your Supercash Wallet.

You can use this SuperCash to pay for lots of things like your phone bill, recharging your phone, booking travel tickets, and more.

In the MobiKwik app, 1 SuperCash point is like having Rs. 1 to spend. You can use these points to pay for things not just in the app but also at other places that work with MobiKwik. It’s like having your own special money that you can use to buy things you need.

10 Supercash = Rs. 10

Benefits of SuperCash

One of the primary benefits of SuperCash is its guaranteed savings. When you earn SuperCash, you can be confident that you’re getting a discount on your transaction. Additionally, SuperCash can be used across a wide range of categories, making it a versatile option for saving money on your everyday expenses.

Another advantage of SuperCash is its flexibility in terms of redemption. You can use your SuperCash balance to make payments directly from your MobiKwik e-wallet, without the need to transfer it to your bank account or wait for it to be credited to your account.

How to Earn SuperCash

There are several ways to earn SuperCash through the MobiKwik app. One of the most common methods is by using promo codes, and offers provided by MobiKwik. These offers can be found within the app or on the MobiKwik website, and they can be used to earn SuperCash on various transactions.

Another way to earn SuperCash is by loading your MobiKwik e-wallet with SuperCash. When you add money to your e-wallet using a credit or debit card, you may be eligible to earn SuperCash based on the amount you load.

MobiKwik doesn’t just offer SuperCash; you can earn even more through its Refer and Earn Program too.

How to Convert Mobikwik Supercash into Cash?

There is no method to convert supercash into cash, but you can use it with multiple services. The value of the supercash is equivalent to the Indian Currency, and there is no additional charges to spend Supercash points.

Using SuperCash is a straightforward process. Once you’ve earned SuperCash, it will be added to your MobiKwik Wallet balance. To use it, simply select the “Apply SuperCash” option during checkout when making a payment through the MobiKwik app.

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SuperCash Expiry and Rewards Program

SuperCash has an expiry date, which is typically mentioned when you earn it. It’s crucial to keep track of the expiry date and redeem your SuperCash before it expires to ensure that you don’t miss out on the savings.

MobiKwik also offers a rewards program associated with SuperCash, where users can earn additional SuperCash or other rewards by completing certain tasks or reaching specific milestones within the app.


SuperCash is a valuable feature offered by MobiKwik that helps users save money and earn rewards on their everyday transactions. With its guaranteed savings, flexibility in usage, and wide range of categories, SuperCash is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their spending and maximize their savings. Download the MobiKwik app today and start earning SuperCash on your transactions!

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