Top 60 – Two Wheeler Finance Company List

Best Two-Wheeler Loan Finance Company List in 2024

Owning a two-wheeler isn’t just about convenience; it’s often a necessity. Whether you’re eyeing that sleek new motorcycle or planning to upgrade your current ride, having the right Two Wheeler Finance Company List on your side is important. But with a myriad of financial institutions and banks offering such loans, finding the perfect deal can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. You might even find yourself spinning your wheels in frustration, facing rejection due to unsuitable offers or sky-high interest rates.

When it comes to purchasing a two-wheeler, securing the right financing is important. Two-wheeler finance companies helping individuals to fulfill their dream of owning a motorcycle or scooter. However, with a plethora of finance companies available, it’s important to make an informed decision to ensure you get the best deal.

Fret not, because we’re here to make your journey smoother with a comprehensive list of the Top 60 Two-Wheeler Loan Finance Companies in 2024. Our list encompasses a diverse range of finance companies and banks that provide hassle-free options for securing two-wheeler loans across India.

Before we dive headfirst into the list, grab your helmet and let’s ride through this article to become well-acquainted with all the financial companies that can turn your two-wheeler dreams into a reality.

How to Choose a Two-Wheeler Finance Company

Before we dive into the list of companies, it’s essential to understand how to choose the right two-wheeler finance company. Here are the key factors to consider:

1. Interest Rates

Interest rates significantly impact the overall cost of your two-wheeler loan. Research various finance companies to compare their interest rates and find the one that offers the most competitive rates. Lower interest rates can save you a substantial amount of money over the life of the loan.

2. Loan Terms

Different finance companies offer varying loan terms. Some may provide more flexible repayment options, while others may have fixed terms. Consider your financial situation and select a company that offers loan terms that align with your needs.

3. Eligibility Criteria

Each finance company may have its own set of eligibility criteria. Ensure you meet these requirements before applying to save time and improve your chances of approval.

4. Customer Service

Excellent customer service is crucial. You want a company that is responsive, helpful, and willing to assist you throughout the loan application and repayment process. Check for reviews and ratings to gauge the level of customer satisfaction.

5. Reputation and Reviews

Do your homework. Read reviews and seek recommendations to get insights into the reputation and reliability of the finance companies you’re considering. A company with a good track record is more likely to offer a positive experience.

Two Wheeler Finance Company List

India is home to several finance companies that make motorcycle loans accessible, sometimes even at a thrilling 0% interest. These companies have streamlined the loan application process, showering potential bike buyers with a plethora of loan offers right from the get-go. This makes it a breeze for individuals seeking to own a bike, ensuring loan approvals are as smooth as a well-lubricated chain.

We’ve compiled an extensive list for your convenience. You can choose the one that best suits your needs, whether you prioritize low interest rates, flexible terms, or excellent customer service. Here’s an alphabetical list of two-wheeler finance companies:

  1. Punjab National Bank Two Wheeler loan
  2. Union Bank of India Two Wheeler loan
  3. Canara Bank Bike Loan
  4. Shriram City Two Wheeler Loan
  5. Bankbazar two-wheeler loan
  6. Tata Capital Two Wheeler Loan
  7. Bandhan Bank Two-wheeler Loans
  8. Allahabad Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  9. Oriental Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  10. Bajaj Finance Two-wheeler Loan
  11. Capital First Two-wheeler Loan
  12. Central Bank of India Two-wheeler Loan
  13. Fullerton Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  14. Hero Fincorp Two-wheeler Loan
  15. IndusInd Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  16. Indian Overseas Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  17. Indian Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  18. Jammu and Kashmir Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  19. Karur Vysya Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  20. L & T Finance Two-wheeler Loan
  21. Muthoot Finance Two-wheeler Loan
  22. Mahindra Finance Two-wheeler Loan
  23. Punjab and Sind Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  24. Punjab National Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  25. Saraswat Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  26. State Bank of India Two-wheeler Loan
  27. Syndicate Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  28. Shriram City Union Two-wheeler Loan
  29. TVS Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  30. United Bank of India Two-wheeler Loan
  31. Vijaya Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  32. UCO Bank Two-wheeler Loan
  33. Kotak Mahindra Bank Bike Loan
  34. Bank of Baroda Two-wheeler Loans
  35. Bank of India Two-wheeler Loans
  36. Bank of Maharashtra Two-wheeler Loans
  37. Dena Bank Two-wheeler Loans
  38. City Union Bank Two-wheeler Loans
  39. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Two-wheeler Loans
  40. Creditmantri two-wheeler loan
  41. Myloancare two-wheeler loan
  42. Justdial Two-wheeler Loan
  43. Top Two Wheeler Loans in Delhi – Best Bike Loan
  44. Indialends two-wheeler loan
  45. Moneycontrol two-wheeler loan
  46. The Financial Express two-wheeler loan
  47. IndiaMART Two Wheeler Loan
  48. Home Credit Two Wheeler Loan
  49. MoneyTap Used Two-Wheeler Loan
  50. Axis Bank Bike Loan
  51. Icici bank Bike Loan
  52. Hdfc Bank Two Wheeler loan
  53. IDBI Bank Two Wheeler loan
  54. YES BANK Two Wheeler loan
  55. Karnataka BankTwo Wheeler loan
  56. City Union Bank Bike Loan
  57. Federal Bank Bike Loan
  58. Dhanalakshmi Bank Bike Loan
  59. RBL Bank two-wheeler loan
  60. CSB Bank two-wheeler loan
  61. IDFC First Bank two-wheeler loan
  62. DCB Bank two-wheeler loan
  63. Yes bank two-wheeler loan

Two-Wheeler Finance Company List In India

In India, numerous financial companies offer a straightforward process for securing two-wheeler loans. They cater to both salaried employees and self-employed individuals, and the loan application process is as simple as revving your engine, with minimal documentation, including your Aadhar card, PAN card, and the last six months’ bank statements.

Top 10 Two-Wheeler Finance Companies in India

For those of you looking for finance companies that offer lightning-fast loan approvals, we’ve put the pedal to the metal and highlighted the top ten companies that can have you cruising with your loan in no time. These companies make it a breeze to hop on your bike and ride into the sunset.

  1. Hero Fincorp Two-Wheeler Loan
  2. TVS Bank Two-Wheeler Loan
  3. Bajaj Finance Two-Wheeler Loan
  4. L & T Finance Two-Wheeler Loan
  5. Muthoot Finance Two-Wheeler Loan
  6. Mahindra Finance Two-Wheeler Loan
  7. Fullerton Bank Two-Wheeler Loan
  8. Capital First Two-Wheeler Loan
  9. Tata Capital Two-Wheeler Loan
  10. Shriram City Two-Wheeler Loan

With these financial companies, you’ll find that the road to securing your two-wheeler loan is a smooth ride.

Tips for Applying for a Two-Wheeler Loan

Applying for a two-wheeler loan can be a straightforward process if you’re well-prepared. Here are some tips to help you through the application process:

1. Gather Required Documents

Collect all the necessary documents such as identity proof, address proof, income proof, and photographs to expedite the application.

2. Check Your Eligibility

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria of your chosen finance company before applying. This increases your chances of approval.

3. Compare Loan Offers

Before finalizing your decision, compare the loan offers from multiple finance companies to select the most suitable one.

4. Apply Online

Many finance companies offer the convenience of applying online, which can save you time and effort.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Q: Why do I need a two-wheeler loan finance company?

    A: Two-wheeler finance companies provide you with the financial assistance needed to purchase a bike, whether it’s a new motorcycle or an upgrade. They make the buying process more affordable and convenient.

  2. 2. Q: Are there any finance companies offering two-wheeler loans at 0% interest?

    A: Yes, India boasts several finance companies that offer two-wheeler loans with 0% interest. These companies often simplify the loan application process and provide multiple loan offers.

  3. 3. Q: What documents are required to apply for a two-wheeler loan?

    A: The typical documents required include your Aadhar card, PAN card, and the last six months’ bank statements. The exact documents may vary slightly between different finance companies.

  4. 4. Q: Can I get a two-wheeler loan during the festive season?

    A: Yes, the festive season sees a significant increase in two-wheeler loan applications. Many finance companies offer special deals and promotions during this time to help you purchase your dream bike.

  5. 5. Q: What are the top 10 finance companies for quick loan approvals?

    A: The top 10 finance companies for fast loan approvals include Hero Fincorp, TVS Bank, Bajaj Finance, L & T Finance, Muthoot Finance, Mahindra Finance, Fullerton Bank, Capital First, Tata Capital, and Shriram City.

  6. 6. Q: Can self-employed individuals apply for two-wheeler loans from these finance companies?

    A: Yes, many finance companies cater to both salaried employees and self-employed individuals, making the application process straightforward for all.

  7. 7. Q: How do I choose the right finance company for my two-wheeler loan?

    A: To choose the right finance company, consider factors like interest rates, loan terms, and the application process. Research and compare options to find the one that suits your needs.

  8. 8. Q: Are there any specific criteria for loan eligibility?

    A: Loan eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, you’ll need to meet age requirements, have a stable source of income, and provide the necessary documentation.

  9. 9. Q: Are there any finance companies that offer instant loan approval?

    A: Yes, several finance companies offer quick loan approval, allowing you to visit your nearest bike showroom and obtain your loan with ease.

  10. 10. Q: How can I make an informed decision when choosing a two-wheeler finance company?

    A: To make an informed decision, explore your options, compare interest rates and terms, and consider your financial situation. The information in the article provides a valuable guide to finding the perfect finance company for your two-wheeler loan needs.


Our list of the top two-wheeler finance companies in India serves as your comprehensive guide to finding the perfect loan option. Whether you’re a salaried individual or self-employed, these companies offer a straightforward application process, turning your dream of owning a bike into a reality. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore your options and make an informed decision. With the information provided here, you can embark on your journey toward owning the perfect two-wheeler. Get ready to rev your engines and ride into a world of financial freedom!

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