How to close Airtel Payment Bank Account?

How to Close/Delete/Deactivate Airtel Payments Bank Account?

How to Close/Delete/Deactivate Airtel Payments Bank Account?: Airtel Payments Bank is India’s pioneering digital bank, offering a wide range of financial services to its customers. However, there might be instances where you find it necessary to close your Airtel Payments Bank account. Whether it’s due to having multiple bank accounts, dissatisfaction with services, or other reasons, the process of closing your account is relatively straightforward. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to close your Airtel Payments Bank account effectively and efficiently.

Reasons to Close Your Airtel Payments Bank Account

Before diving into the steps to close your Airtel Payments Bank account, let’s explore some common reasons why individuals choose to close their accounts:

a. Multiple Bank Accounts: You may have multiple bank accounts and want to streamline your financial affairs.

b. Unsatisfactory Services: If you’re not satisfied with the services provided by Airtel Payments Bank, you might consider closing your account.

c. Unused Account: If you have an account that you no longer use, closing it can help simplify your financial management.

d. Limitations on Lower-Value Transactions: Some users find that Airtel Payments Bank’s limitations on lower-value transactions don’t align with their financial needs.

e. High Transaction Charges: High charges for every transaction can be a deterrent for some users.

Preparation Before Closing Your Account

Before initiating the closure process, it’s essential to make some preparations:

a. Save all Bank Documents and Statements: Ensure that you have saved all your bank documents and statements, either in soft or hard copy, for future reference.

b. Clear All Outstanding Dues: Before closing your Airtel Payments Bank account, clear any outstanding dues or transactions to avoid complications during the closure process.

How to Close Airtel Payments Bank Account Online

Now, let’s explore the three methods to close your Airtel Payments Bank account online:

Method 1: By Calling Customer Care

  • To begin the process, call the customer care number at 400 or 8800688006. If you’re calling from your Airtel number, the call is toll-free.
  • A customer care executive will assist you and may inquire about your reasons for closing the account.
  • Ensure that there are no remaining funds in your account before proceeding.
  • The executive may request proof of your address and identification.
  • The closure process typically takes around 7 banking days.
  • You will receive a confirmation notification via SMS once the closure is complete.

Method 2: Through Email

  • Send a closure request via email to [email protected].
  • After sending the request, you will receive a reply email with further instructions.
  • You will be asked to provide address proof and ID proof using documents like Aadhar Card or Pan Card.
  • Submit scanned copies of the required documents.
  • Once processed, you’ll receive a closure confirmation email at your registered email address.

Method 3: By Visiting an Airtel Payments Bank Point

  • Airtel Payments Bank has introduced Aadhar-enabled Payment System (AePS) banking points.
  • Visit one of these points and request to close your Airtel Payments Bank account.
  • Similar to the other methods, you will need to provide a valid reason for closing the account and ensure there are no remaining funds.
  • The closure process at an Airtel Payments Bank banking point also takes around 7 banking days.
  • You will receive a closure confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number.

What to Expect During the Closure Process

When closing your Airtel Payments Bank account, here’s what you can expect:

a. Verification of Documents: The bank may verify your address and identification documents to ensure they match their customer data.

b. Processing Time: The closure process typically takes 7 banking days, excluding holidays and weekends.

c. Confirmation Notifications: You will receive confirmation notifications via SMS or email once the closure is complete.


In conclusion, Airtel Payments Bank offers a range of financial services and has become a convenient option for many. However, if you find it necessary to close your account for any reason, you now have a comprehensive guide to follow. Whether you choose to close your account by calling customer care, sending an email, or visiting a banking point, the process is designed to be straightforward and efficient.

Remember to prepare by saving your bank documents and clearing any outstanding dues before initiating the closure process. Additionally, be aware that once your Airtel Payments Bank account is closed, it cannot be reopened.

We hope this guide helps you navigate the process of closing your Airtel Payments Bank account. For further information or assistance, please contact the Airtel Payments Bank customer care number provided on the official website.

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